Edward Wiebé

Edward Wiebe

Edward Wiebe

Edward Wiebé, a native of Germany, taught music at Vassar from 1865 until 1867, when he left Vassar for Mt. Holyoke. Not only the first professor of music at Vassar, he was also the first professor of music in the United States according to Elliot Forbes's A History of Music at Harvard. He is also famous for introducing the German practice of “kindergarten” to the United States in his 1880 book, “The Paradise of Childhood.” One of Wiebé’s most notable contributions to Vassar was the composition of music for the first Founder’s Day. In The Golden Age of Vassar, Mary Norris describes Professor Wiebé as “a nervous, ambitious, strenuous man, conscientious, with the pioneer’s unthankful work to do.”


Vassar College Special Collections Biographical File

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